Scene N’ Nerd Special: What You Can’t See – A Dark Matter Podcast, Episode 1 (Covering the show Ep’s 1 and 2)

Over the summer, GWW Staff Writer Dave Pecci and GWW Managing Editor Agasicles Stamas discussed the unfolding episodes of the SyFy Network’s Dark Matter, Season 2. As we wait out the 8 month marathon of anticipation until Season 3 debuts, walk back through the episodes 2 or 3 at a time in our 2-person fireside chat as we marveled at the series’ events. Relive the intrigue, the revelations, and the total guesswork from week-to-week as we desperately tried to grasp and grapple every conspiracy theory under the sun. Sometimes we were right, sometimes we were wrong, but we were always enthralled. Enjoy.

Intro and Outro music “You Don’t Get In Touch Anymore” by Alex featuring Javolenus & Martijn de Boer use by courtesy of Creative Commons license (

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