Schwarzenegger Back For TERMINATOR 6; Is LEGEND OF CONAN Next?

Feb 24, 2015


Like it or not, Paramount will eventually move forward with the two Terminator sequels rounding-out a new trilogy which kicks-off with Terminator Genisys this summer. The studio has a of a countdown before the film rights revert back to James Cameron and he ultimately kills it as promised in interviews.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger recently spoke with Arnold Fans, our best source of everything Arnold related. When asked if he was going to be apart of the untitled Terminator 6 he replied “yes, of course, next year”. We sort of expected him to come back but this is at least good news for Arnold fans.

We’ve already talked about him potentially reprising the role of Dutch in Shane Black’s Predator 4.

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However, it’s likely his next return to his iconic roles might be with The Legend of Conan at Universal/Legendary Pictures. Arnold has been talking up the return and even mentioned possibly shooting it in New Zealand with the help the folks over at Weta.

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There was a recent update from producer Chris Morgan (via Empire) that the original draft by Straight Outta Compton‘s Andrea Berloff has been reworked by Gangster Squad‘s Will Beal.

Rumors suggest it could begin shooting in the spring or summer. It’s expected to be more in-line with the original Conan The Barbarian ignoring the sequel.

“Andrea Berloff [Straight Outta Compton] did a draft,” Morgan reminds us, “and then we had Will step on. I approached him early on in the process, but at the time he was unavailable and couldn’t do it. But then a couple of weeks after he passed on the project I got this package from him in the mail, and I opened it and it was a Conan sword, and on the envelope it said, ‘This you can trust!’ So when he called back a while later and said he’d had a slot open up, we slammed him in immediately. He’s just perfect for it; he loves it as much as I do and he has a great voice of Conan. It just makes you happy!” 

“Literally right now we’re talking about when it can go ahead. We’re figuring it out. I can’t really say… but it’s sooner than you might think!”

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Are you excited to see Schwarzenegger reprising old roles?


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