Scorched Earth in “Low” #12 (Review)

Mar 20, 2016

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Low-12-1-753f9Low #12
Image Comics

 Story by: Rick Remender
Art by: Greg Tocchini
Colors by: Dave McCaig

This is the issue that has been alluded to throughout the series as we find Stel and her team have finally reached the surface. As the narrative progresses, the world that the creative team has created is laid out before us. An early expansion of the sun has left the world drastically shifted and as a shell of what it once was. However, that’s not to imply that it remains uninhabited. As Stel and Zem trek across the remains of the surface, they find themselves the spectators of a conflict 001-low12-21f94between two tribes. While we don’t yet know their backgrounds, we do know that even with mankind removed the world is still a place of conflict.

Issue #12 the culmination of what I have been waiting to experience with this series. The creative team has done an extraordinary job in creating a whole new world for the protagonists to explore. We see what has become of the world after those that could fit into the aquatic colonies left. Remaining is a desolate landscape that acts as a haunting visage of what was once present. The artistic 005-low12-d0759work of Tocchini and McCaig coexist seamlessly to create a world eerily familiar yet still alien. The strong presents of reds and oranges work well to contrast blues and greens we encountered early on when the narrative still focused on the sea.

While the arcs of this series have been crafted splendidly, the audience is left wondering how Tajo and Della will come to be reunited with their mother. In a sense each group is in a different world and banding together will surely prove a difficult task. The team behind this series has gone on to produce an excellent series that I can’t recommend enough. I look forward to seeing where they’ll take us as we begin to explore a whole new landscape that’s already filled with danger.