Scott Snyder announces new titles with Greg Capullo, Jock and more

Jul 26, 2021

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In his conversations on GWW Radio’s TLDR earlier in 2021, Scott Snyder discussed some of his plans for the future. On Monday, Snyder’s imprint, Best Jackett Press, finally gave readers a greater idea of what the rest of 2021 will look like for the legendary Batman writer.

After spearheading DC Comics’ Death Metal event, Snyder expressed he wanted to focus more on creator-owned work. He currently has Undiscovered Country and Nocterra ongoing over at Image. Snyder also has a third title, Chain, set to begin at with the Image this year.

But in the fall, Snyder will be releasing eight books with Dark Horse Comics and ComiXology. Each title will first be released as a ComiXology Original then published in print through Dark Horse, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The headliner among Snyder’s new titles is “We Have Demons,” which will feature Greg Capullo as the artist.

“It was the idea that made the other ones fall into place,” Snyder said to The Hollywood Reporter. “It has everything that I love to do. It’s big and bombastic, but it’s also character-driven and plays with genre and horror and monsters.”

Snyder’s other titles are: “Barnstormers” with Tlua Lotay, “Book of Evil” with Jock, “Canary” with Dan Panosian, “Clear” with Francis Manapul, “Duck and Cover” with Rafael Albuquerque, “Night of the Ghoul” with Francesco Francavilla, and “Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine” with Jamal Igle.

Snyder’s new titles will start rolling out in October, per The Hollywood Reporter. Some titles will be released as graphic novels, and others will be ongoing series. Best Jackett Press has yet to announce the specifics on that part of the process.

For more from Scott Snyder, be sure to check out TLDR. Snyder has talked about his hit Image Comics series, Nocterra, with the GWW Radio podcast, as well as his orchestration of DC Comics’ major event, “Dark Nights: Death Metal,” alongside Capullo.