SDCC 2015 Nerd HQ Supermansion Panel

Jul 14, 2015

One of the many highlights of San Diego Comic Con for the Geeks With Wives team was getting to attend the sold out Supermansion Panel presented by The Nerd Machine and Zachary Levi. The panel was held at Nerd HQ an area outside of the convention center where nerds and con attendees could hang out, get out of the sun, have a couple drinks, play some amazing new video games and for a lucky few, who were able to get tickets, attend panels hosted by some amazing guests. Yes, the panels were ticketed but all the money that was raised through the ticketing and some fun auctions during the panels went to a worthy cause: Operation Smile.

Supermansion  (21)

The Supermansion panel was moderated by none other than Zachary Levi himself and was our first glimpse and introduction to the new show coming to Crakle from the creators of Robot Chicken (Seth Green and Matthew Senreich). Supermansion is the story of Titanum Rex (voiced by `Bryan Cranston) and his band of wannabe superheroes “The Freedom League” as they try to remain relevant in a world that no longer needs or wants them. The panel consisted of creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich as well as the entire main voice cast minus Keegan Michael Key. We were introduced to the concept of the show, its inception though Seth and Matt’s love for all things superhero and got a first look in the form of a hilarious trailer.

Before the panel I was completely unfamiliar with the show but by the end I was totally sold. Seth and Matt are bringing their over the top, parody driven humor to Supermansion and it looks like a ton of fun and laughs. They described it as a larger superhero playground for them to just go crazy in. Cranston who voices the aging superhero Titanum Rex was by far the star of the panel as his quick wit was in full force. At one point he even made a “mom” joke to an audience member that literally brought down the house and prompted a hilarious “mic drop” moment.

From what I saw at the panel Supermansion looks to be a must watch for any fan of Robot Chicken or the Superhero genre. I would expect nothing less from Seth Green, Matthew Senreich and director Zeb Wells as they have created a band of superheroes that are so incredibly flawed yet in the funniest possible way. I especially loved hearing about Robobot (voiced by Zeb Wells), the robot with an identity crises and Cooch (voiced by Heidi Gardner) who is half cat, half white trash hillbilly. I also really enjoyed the prospect of Keegan Michael Key’s Character American Ranger who is essentially Captain America, a man out of time but retained all the values of the 1940s including the bad ones. And Like its Adult Swim predecessor Supermansion will host a ton of amazing guest stars including Chris Pine, Ron Perlman, Nick Kroll, and Robot Chicken regular Breckin Myer.

It’s obvious from the cast chemistry and the creators love for the superhero genre that Supermansion will be a fun and offensive journey into a new superhero mythos. Thank you to Nerd HQ, The Nerd Machine and Supermansion for allowing us to attend this panel and experience all the hilarity making this one of the most memorable panels of our entire SDCC experience.

To see the full panel you can visit at HERE and Check out the trailer below.

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