SDCC Goodies: Legend of Korra Release Date & Trailer

Jul 19, 2013

Despite a premature release date and subsequent internet silence, the long awaited Legend of Korra: Book 2 has set a release date and given fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender & LOK a trailer of what to expect for the next book series.


It is very rare when a trailer moves me with music alone and this one does. This teaser from what fans got to see at San Diego Comic Con leaves me breathless. As usual, music on the series is superb and tends to match with the theme of the tone of the season (Book) that they put together. Take a look at the teaser below:



A big reveal for this season of LOK is the addition of Steven Yeun, known by many for his role in AMC’s Walking Dead as Glen, who will guest role as Wan, the very first Avatar.


Yeun’s character will appear in two episodes titled “Beginnings 1 & 2″ in Book 2: Spirits. This role in the series will create a departure in the series’ structure where as there was never a set person who started it all. viewers have gone into this series based on the idea that Avatar’s have spanned indefinitely in time. With Book 2 we depart from that, and get to see the circumstances in which the Avatar was made to be.


At the end of the day, fans rejoice and foam at the mouth with a set release date and all the goodies in store for them via Nickelodeon. (I’m buying a Pabu plush as soon as possible ’cause I’m a balla :p)


Are you excited for the upcoming release of LOK and what do you expect from this new world we are exploring.