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Apr 19, 2022


Secret History War on Weed Cvr

When will we do something about this thing that causes tears in mothers eyes due to the loss of lives. This enemy of all mankind, how anyone can use it, it just blows my mind. We need to weed out war. Because after all what is it good for? The Secret History of the War on Weed from Image Comics offers a story that is fictionally factual, you’ll believe what you want to believe. Depending on how you view the forest and the trees.

The Secret History of the War on Weed

Image Comics

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn
Artist: Scott Kobish
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn package their summation on this pot-icular subject. With amber box lettering from Clayton Cowles, their idyllic view of America in a vapor cloud may not be to blurry for everyone. So they wisely avoid being the pusher at the party, instead giving us a story that fills the lungs..with laughs.

Secret War on Weed Int 2

Every situation needs a good “Patsy”, though she is more likely to answer to Mary Jane. As the story points out later there are many other enemies of the state which could fill this role. Losing approval ratings, right before midterms, causes some politicians to resort to anything to get votes, at any cost. Sun Tzu speaks of waging wars you can win, weighing the cost. The war on weed is an easy win, right?

The writing team establishes the extreme exaggeration of Scotch McTieran (and this One-shot) early on. Stalking the jungles of Playa de Playa, the American most Special of Forces is on the hunt for Mock Molnak. Offering sustainable energy and free healthcare, this lizard is just the type of enemy Scotch is trained to take down. But this battle was just a warm up. Scotch’s friend Whirlybird arrives to fly him to a meeting with General Desouza on the U.S.S. Three Mile Island.

4/20 Co-Op

Similar to the tree and egg, the symbolism of the date April 20th depends on who you ask. So when Scotch receives his orders he at first believes he is facing a threat from WWII. But, it doesn’t take more than a mission to motivate this man. Scotch serves his country without question, he knows what his leader needs from him.

Secret War on Weed Int

Scott Kobish’s artistic sesh with this stoner’s story is high-larious. The illustrator brings some serious Saturday morning toon vibes. All that’s missing is cereal, Honey Smacks (or maybe I can find some SGC). Scotch McTieran is a total overstatement in every aspect from the block chin and buzz cut, to his commando gear and arsenal. The soldier parachutes into the pot fields of Humboldt County, California. By the dawn’s early light Scotch starts the locals day off with a different kind of wake and bake. Scotch has that flame (thrower) and plans to burn one, and in his words “not in the bad way”.

Hi-Fi contributes to the carnage on cannabis with some outstanding colors. In an over the top one-shot about a misunderstood topic this helps keep the story engaging. This story has several scenes with Scotch battling his “enemies”. From blood, bullets to beads…every nug is captured. These artists match each other and it delivers especially as Scotch’s initial assault results in a weed-er boarding treatment. This page screams to be made into a record store black light poster, as we witness Weed Thing turn Scotch traitor.

Count the Cost

Scotch’s betrayal results in the First Lady enlisting other operatives. DeSouza needs a little more motivation with this group, which allows Duggan and Posehn the chance to pack some subtle fact bombs in an otherwise funny gathering. Each character represents the many other wars, including the BOP (you figure it out). I was surprised she didn’t join Scotch considering personal experience, but that highlights the manipulation of society. Each participant is there so they can keep the heat off them.

Wars are waged to ensure and preserve freedom, but not only do the writers highlight the freeing benefits of weed, you gotta realize it exists freely, growing naturally. The only enemy is outside interference. Much like the human spirit. When you are seen as unsavory and unworthy. Of little value. That is until the establishment can turn what you want to burn into enough money for them to do the same.

That got pretty heavy for a hemp holiday one-shot review. So take a break with the veinte de abril activities included inside. I feel it could use more coloring pages, maybe one of Weed Thing . Definitely not a maze that I was gonna finish but then I got…lost. Unfortunately there is no connect the buds.

And most importantly, while this one-hitter is for funsies (sorta), the true war is anything but. The creators are using a portion of the proceeds to help the victims of the war on weed. The organizations are listed in the comic, and below. These folks can use as many soldiers as possible.

Last Prisoner Project
Freedom Grow
Americans for Safe Acces

Score: 8.44

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