Is Marvel Setting Up Secret Wars?

May 16, 2022

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Could Secret Wars Be The Next Big Marvel Cross-over event?

Marvel Fans have been speculating where the MCU is headed now that the Infinity Saga Has wrapped. In this article and video below we take a look at a new theory about Secret Wars being set up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ever since Loki Debuted, We have been wondering what Kang…Or “He Who Remains”, role would be going forward. Kang is a character who has multiple iterations, in various different timelines, so he could be a potential phase-long threat. 

Secret Wars Is a massive comic book event. The Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, more commonly known as Secret Wars, is a twelve-issue limited series published from May 1984 to April 1985 by Marvel Comics. The series was written by Jim Shooter, with art by Mike Zeck and Bob Layton. It was tied in with a toy line of the same name.

In The Series, An entity called The Beyond, observes the Main Marvel Universe. “The Beyonder” is fascinated by the presence of both heroes and villains, he drops characters against their wills into this “Battle World”, a planet created by “The Beyonder” in a galaxy far, far, away. No relation.

Just as in a [Call of Duty] Battle-Game, The Battlegrounds are loaded with alien weapons & tech for both sides to utilize. 

Marvel Studios And Kevin Feige Often Adapt their films directly from the comics, but oftentimes change certain aspects based on the storytelling. Just like with Ms. Marvel and Her power set, and origin, being changed to align with their current phase and cosmic wonder, Could they change aspects from Secret Wars To more fit Kang and potentially other villains like Dr. Doom. Or even maybe making The Beyond one of Kangs Other variants. 

Phase 4 setup

Dr. Strange, Spiderman No way Home, Loki, and even Eternals, And Shang Chi were seemingly setting up the narrative of Secret Wars. Various Aspects of all the aforementioned films have included timeline and multiverses issues. In Doctor Strange, we learned about “Incursions” 


Incursions are when one party from one universe, travels to another universe and medals around too much. This Interference causes confusion in reality. Slamming the two multiverses into each other and basically imploding them, as seen in the finale of Dr. Strange 2. 

Could These Incursions be a further setup for Secret Wars,? Causing The Beyonder, or even Kang to pit these universes against each other?

I think it could be a really interesting setup and plot point. Pitting the Avengers or X-men and Inhumans from various universes against each other?

As far as the actual battle goes, it could go any way. I do think there’s more to why we have been seeing all these issues within the multiverse and sacred timeline. 

Secret Wars In the comics really focused on Reed Richards and Doctor Doom. With the upcoming Fantastic Four Film, could Marvel be setting up its next crossover piece by piece? Fans have been wondering why phase 4 of the MCU seems to be all over the place. However, when we look back, I think will start to see the clues. Seeing that they were always right in front of us, we just hadn’t put them all together yet. 

Let us know in the comments below what you think? Are we way off, or do you think this could be closer to the truth?

Could Marvel Be Setting up Secret Wars In Phase 4? Via The POP! Culture Corner On YouTube.