‘Selma’ Director Ava DuVernay Being Courted For ‘Black Panther’ Movie?

May 13, 2015


The Wrap is reporting that Selma director Ava DuVernay is apparently being courted for a big gig at Marvel Studios, suggesting that the project could be either Black Panther or Captain Marvel. Wrap is leaning towards the former, which would make sense since Selma gives the impression she could handle the heated political environment that would be the focus of Panther. Then again, her female voice would be perfect for Carol Danvers as well.

At the moment we don’t have announced writers for Black Panther, but we do have actors Chadwick Boseman and Andy Serkis taking roles within that world. Captain Marvel on the other hand doesn’t have an announced lead actress but does have two screenwriters currently working on it’s script, Angelina Jolie has been linked as director but nothing seriously concrete proves she will sign on. Ava would nail either project but we know that talks can breakdown and deals don’t always get made, so anything can happen between now and Marvel’s announcement for the director.

We’ve been suggesting for months that Ava DuVernay take on a Marvel project, along with our peers at MCU Exchange. To the point we both directly suggested this to Ava on Twitter, who seemed open to the idea but wasn’t too educated on the characters. Ava would later fully comment on the record to HitFix about the talk of her getting into the mix of the superhero genre. I’m totally on board as she would be the first woman of color hired by Marvel to direct a film, and could open doors for many of her peers in the future. This could quell a lot of backlash concerning the studio’s handling of female characters and their hiring practices, along with the rest of Hollywood.

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