Shades of Teal a “Tart Volume 1 Adrift” Review

Apr 15, 2015

Mad Cave Studios


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TartVol1Tart Volume 1 Adrift
Indie Comic

Written by: Kevin Joseph
Art by: Ludovic Sallé

I started flipping through Comics Fix this afternoon in the mood for something like the TartClassic Television show Quantum Leap, and I was immediately drawn to the Indie comic Tart Written by Kevin Joseph with artwork by Ludovic Sallé. Tart would best be described as Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Quantum Leap. Our lead character Tart Acid has the ability to sniff demons, travel between dimensions, and always pulls of an exquisite shade of teal no matter where she wakes up. Tart is one of a diminishing few who bounce around time and space helping others from various dimensions. Tart does not always find herself in the easiest of situations nor does she always know the next mission She is about to embark on. This story was full of secret identities, unexpected locales, and tons of adventure.

I really enjoyed the artwork done by Ludovic Sallé. It looked like the full Volume was done in Watercolors with a 1950’s flare. There was a lot of extra cover and character art on the so be sure to flip through the entire volume, it will be well worth your time I promise.

*Review by Natalie Atkins