Jun 3, 2022

Shudder just released artwork for their upcoming four-part docu-series, “Queer for Fear”. This mini-series will document the history of “queer people in the thriller genre”. Going all the way back to authors such as Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker, to the “bloodletting of 80s vampire films”. Through this series, Shudder is examining the horror genre through the LGBTQ+ lens.

Shudder Queer for Fear Poster

Not only will this series be re-examining some horror staples, but will also provide some intriguing interviews. Guests include Mark Gatiss (Dracula in BBC), Lea DeLaria (Rocky Horror Picture Show), and Jennifer Tilly (Child’s Play franchise).

Many films within the horror genre have been embraced for their queer undertones. “Nightmare on Elm Street 2” is notorious for what many believe to be it’s underlying theme. There’s also “Seed of Chucky” which touches upon parents discovering their child is non-binary/ struggling with their identity. There are also LGBTQ+ creators such as Don Mancini, with whom we have the incredible Chucky films, and now, a television series as well!

The films this Shudder original will touch upon have been around the horror sphere for quite some time. However, while on the surface they are scary, underneath, they portray stories of survival, and becoming true to oneself.

Keep an eye out for “Queer for Fear.” coming to Shudder this Fall.