Watch Super Short Film Sidekick

Oct 28, 2016

The short film Sidekick is a simplistic family drama, told through the lens of classic superhero storytelling.  In an interview with IGN director Jeff Cassidy explains, “It was the real world story that attracted me to these characters and how they deal with the hardship that they’re confronted with and how that affects the relationship of the parent, and how a father chooses to tell his son that.”  The aesthetic alone makes me really excited to see future projects from Jeff Cassidy, even thought initially the cast caught my attention.  This may sound familiar, but the story includes Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time) playing a hero, Emily Bett Rickards (Arrow) is the damsel in distress, and Tom Cavanagh (The Flash) the mustache twirling villain.  Not a bad collection of friends for TV focus puller Jeff Cassidy to bring together for his directorial debut.  We maybe familiar with these players, but this tale about morality illustrates that there are more stories to tell within the superhero genre.


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