Sins of Deimos a – “Convergence #5” Review

May 6, 2015

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COnv 5 CoverConvergence #5
DC Comics

Written by: Jeff King
Art by: Andy Kubert & Sandra Hope

If issue #4 of Convergence was where the the story started to become inconsequential, then issue #5 is where the story becomes completely unhinged.  Within one fowl swoop Jeff King has managed to destroy the few interesting elements of Convergence with some of it’s biggest problems.  At the conclusion of the last issue the Earth-2 Justice League finally alongside Telo’s came face to face with Brainiac prime, as newly introduced villain the dark sorcerer: Deimos began to conjure up the supreme version of DC’s smartest villain.  Here readers are thrown right back into that suspenseful showdown, and a few panels in any hopes of Convergence being the least bit interesting are vanquished.

As the story unfolds Deimos completely delegitimizes the Telos character as he is revealed to be nothing more than a Brainiac pawn.  Worse than that, Deimos reveals that nothing that Brainiac has done by collecting DC multiverses actually matters, which is fitting considering neither does the Convergence story itself at this point.  In fact Brainiac was being played by Deimos the villain no one actually cares about to destroy Skartis theConv 5 DC city no one cares about.  Suddenly Telos and Brainiac are no more, and the true point of Convergence is revealed, which is not to destroy the DC Multiverse’s but rather have them come together to help Deimos take control of Skartis.  Even worse, is as long as each particular multiverse serves Deimos they will be spared thus rendering any real stakes the story has presented as mute.

Even at it’s weakest moment Convergence#5 brings some redeemable content.  The Sandra Hope and Andy Kubert art is stunning and provides some much needed clarity compared to previous wonky action sequences of the story. As has been the usual, Convergence once again provides another moving character moment this time as Dick Grayson realizes he is not only linked to Bruce Wayne in every multiverse, but the hope that the symbol of Batman provides no matter the reality.