Slots and Casino Games That Geeks Love To Play Online

Dec 31, 2020


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Most people won’t associate geeks with luck-triggering games, on the contrary, they would immediately reckon that geeks strive in video games. But the fact is that geeks absolutely adore games that challenge their mental capacity, and most slots and casino games have a lot to deal with Math. Likewise, geeks might want to succumb to the numerous obstacles that these types of games represent as most of them can make rational decisions and resort to Math, and work out every move logically. As a geek, you too must have experienced playing numerous video games, and if so, why not use up your expertise and knowledge and try out some of these online games and even get some money. Read on.

  1. Slots 

Even if geeks would rather choose some other mind-blowing game, there’s no denying that slot machines are everyone’s’ favorite. It’s the sheer outlook that firstly attracts each play, the video, the graphics, the high-quality sound, the art animation, the exciting comic book character that each geek probably knows about, and many more. What’s more, there is an abundance of thrilling strategies that could maximize your winnings, and every you are a type of geek who loves figuring out the patterns, symbols, and other items, give slots the shot. This is also an ideal and practical star game for novice casino geek players.

  1. Roulette
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One of the most superb online games for geeks is roulette as it allows you to test all your capacities and expertise. Roulette might sound simple as rules are pretty clear and firm, but you should always think twice. To get the gist of it it’s vital to know that there is a wheel with red and black slots which contain 1-36 numbers with one or two zero slots. As you place the bet, the dealer spins the will and throws in a small ball. Not much thinking there, right? Wrong. Besides sheer luck, you can figure out the highest mathematical probability of winning, so there lies the excitement for geeks. Anyhow, there are several great roulette games online so you’d better check it out at a good review site before playing on some random one.

  1. Blackjack

For most geeks, blackjack is the first game they would resort to. Not only because at the blackjack table they can truly try out all their mathematical strategies, but they can brainstorm on so many other numbers-crunching things that may reduce the house edge. Besides all those geeky stuff, amongst all other online casino games, blackjack is utterly entertaining, mentally thrilling, and above it gives you the highest chances of winning some good bucks. So it’s no wonder it’s geeks favorite. In blackjack, you aim to beat the dealer by drawing a hand that doesn’t exceed 21 but it’s rather closer to 21. Before you dwell upon this enticing game, make sure you study the rules in detail (something that won’t be a problem for a geek) and do your best to get acquainted with the most suitable strategy.

  1. Video poker
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If you are an experienced card geek player, you might love video poker. Similar to the basic one, here you have a computerized slot machine that does the work. The machine draws certain poker combinations, however, the rules are the same as in the regular game. As you want to receive the highest ranked five-card poker card, you need to play meticulously and strategically. This is where you can use up your geek skills. Video poker can be extremely mind-blowing as there is a lot of thought and patience involved.

No matter which online slot and casino game you choose, you are in for a lot of fun and excitement. Be mindful of the money that you are about to invest and bear in mind to only play at licensed sites.


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