Smite Pro League Week 8 catch up and predictions

Jun 1, 2016


As we go into week 8 for the Smite Pro League Spring Split, it’s about time we get some coverage for Smite here on The GWW.  As a game that has been on a steady growth track since it’s Beta, Smite has been making splashes in the esports scene. With the Smite Masters tournament coming up at Dreamhack June 18-20 for a prize pool of $250,000, NA and EU teams are doing everything they can to make the top 3 to end this Spring Split.

As Thursday was Day 1 of week 8 for NA, the surprise that day was the performance of Team Allegiance, with a 2-0 split over Team EnVyUs, s split I had going the other way off of Week 7’s abysmal performance from ALG.  With Weaken back in the Jungle and Lassiz back in Mid, the team felt right again, and Lassiz went on a tear, far and away being the MVP and highlight performance of the day.  Friday we got EU match ups, and Cringe Crew continued their recent decent in the rankings after what was a solid start to the Spring Split.  Panther, the 2015  World Champions, are the only team in either NA or EU to have secured a spot at Dreamhack, but still continue to fight for first overall in the EU bracket for this split.  Friday they had what was, in my opinion, the best set of the day, with a 1-1 split with Paradigm.  These two teams battled it out and put on two fantastic matches.

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As we entered Week 8, here were the standings

SPL Week 8 EU Standings SPL Week 8 NA Standings

As we enter the weekend and Monday Night Smite matches, I figured I’d throw out some predictions, and see where I stand next week with them.

Saturday’s matches include Fnatic going up against The Leftovers, I’ll take FNC 2-0.  The second set of the day has Team Dignitas going against Hungry For More, I have DiG taking it 2-0 against HFM as well.

For Sunday, it’s back to NA, with Team Eager going up against Soar G2A, and with the way Zapman has been playing for Eager this split, I’ll take Eager 2-0 for this set (this is the one set that I have a strong feeling could swing either way, or split down the middle, but I think Zapman is primed to get his team to Dreamhack for the Smite Masters Tournament).  The second set of the day will be Enemy going against the Randozos, and I think this will be an easy 2-0 for NME.

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We end Week 8 with Monday Night Smite, with Team Allegiance going against The Randozos.  If ALG continue to play like they did on Thursday, this will be a 2-0 set for them.  The last game of the week is going to be Paradigm against The Leftovers, and after the split with the World Champions on Friday, I think this will be a fairly easy 2-0 set for them as well.


If you haven’t watched any of the Smite Pro League, I encourage you to check out the games, as it’s some of the best e-sports that’s not completely LoL popular yet, you can find the live stream on or check out the VODs of the game over on YouTube at

That’s all for Week 8, I’ll be back for Week 9 with my thoughts on how the rest of Week 8 went, and predictions for Week 9 on Wednesday.

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