Smite What’s Trending? #1

Feb 19, 2016

I was a little late to the party with season 3. I had a whole article planned out about the incoming changes, but by that time other sources had it covered. So it gave me an idea for a weekly recap of the week in Smite. Not just E-sports, not just the game, but anything and everything from sources like Reddit and Twitter. A compilation of subjects and how the community feels about them, while also throwing my own thoughts in.


HiRez Studios has announced that Smite will be heading to Playstation 4 very soon. The only other notable information to go along with the announcement is that players will receive an Odin “World’s Collide” skin upon linking their PSN account with their HiRez account, as well as Kukulkan’s “KuKu4” skin will be a reward for Playstation Plus members. Lastly, Ymir’s “Cacodemon” skin will be available for PS4 players through the purchase of the founder’s pack, which if history repeats itself should include all current and future God releases, as well as a few other perks like boosts and so forth. With the Xbox One HiRez made a Zeus skin specifically to celebrate the platform, and I believe Ps4 will be no different, it’s just a matter of which God they choose to make a skin for, personally I would like to see one for Rama, but that’s just me.

Update: Reddit user Fansheng posted the image of the new Kuku4 and C4codemon skins, credit to them for the screenshots.


C4codemon        24706654549_719a5d06c6_h        kuku4


Discord launches an OFFICIAL Smite subreddit public voice and chat server. From what I gather, it’s an app that works on both iOS and Android and can also run on Windows, Linux, and Macs. You can do everything from form a party to communicate with pros and community leaders with the app. It’s a great way for the community to stay connected and have better communication. You can find out more here 


Relics were a big change for season 3 of Smite. After playing a few matches I can testify that this is very true, it feels odd, but not terrible. Though that’s not to say it can’t use some tweaks to make it more viable. Dozens upon dozens of posts and tweets have been made in regard to relics, some loathing their very existence, and some liking them, but wanting small changes. The most popular reddit post with a total of 860 (at the time) upvotes was one by user Novercalis, where they explain a change they feel would put Relics in a much better state. I tend to agree, their idea is simple, but it would give players meaningful decisions throughout the majority of the game until both chosen Relics are fully upgraded. Right now, the only decision to be made is which to take for free initially, but beyond that there is nothing. You can see Novercalis’s idea here 



Roster changes have been coming and going at a fast pace. So much so that the community has dubbed it the “Rosterpocalypse”. After scrounging through reddit and twitter I am going to try and compile the most complete list of changes that I can. I will list new teams with their players, or if a player has yet to find a new team, I will list them and their former team.

I will start off with the major North American teams based on their new roster.


Enemy_logo                                   nV_300x300                                 eGrSM                          FGu61iV


–North America–

Allied: Retired

NA Free Agents: Meerkat (Cognitive Gaming), Garz (Team Solomid), Korea (Team Envyus), Bickum (Team Solomid), PolarbearMike (Team Eager), Cabom (Cognitive Gaming). From the looks of these names, there is definitely potential to be a talented team in there somewhere.

Xbox Switches: Unrelinquished (Team Elevate), Mytherea (Team Elevate)


Team Envyus: MLCStealth left Cloud 9 to join JeffHindla on Problem Solved, but took up the offer to mid for Envyus. Eonic leaves Team Solomid to join Nv. Omega joins his old teammate MLCStealth from COG Prime days after leaving Team Eager. I don’t believe the final two roster spots have been filled yet, but there is no denying MLCStealth and Omega are two players anyone would want on their team, I see this team once again being dominant, but this time making it to Worlds. They have a spot in the Spring Split.

Cloud 9 remaining roster (no longer affiliated with Cloud 9). Barraccuda and Andinster look to remain as staples to this team that has been around since the beginning. Rumor has it JeffHindla might be rejoining them as well. It is also rumored that both Snoopy and TheBoosh from Team Solomid have joined them. That is an extremely talented team, but will new roles work out? Snoopy was regarded by many as the games best ADC, but it could also be argued that Barraccuda takes that title, will it work out? I think this can be a great team, we’ll see. They have a spot in the Spring Split.

Enemy E-sports: This team consists of a few lesser known players, but a few who made waves during season 2 and look to continue that in season 3. Benji, Mask, Khaos, Paindeviande, and Vetium fill out the roster. They have a spot in the Spring Split.

Team Eager: It surprised me to see that Eager disbanded at the end of season 2 after they made such a strong push late, but their new roster could possibly be an improvement if things go well for them. Divios, DJpernicus, TheBest, Aror, and team owner Zapman make up the new Team Eager. They have a spot in the Spring Split.


The following teams are looking to secure their own spot in the Spring Split.

Problem Solved: Baskin decided to leave the former Cloud 9 roster to play with friends. Hurriwind joins him, but it looks like he will be starting rather than be a sub like he was with Cloud 9. Jigz joins them from Team SOLOMID, as well as Metyankey from Team Elevate. The inclusion of Baskin definitely gives the team more legitimacy, and they don’t lack talent, but many of these players are those who have been just on the cusp of SPL tier talent, we will see this season if they can prove they belong in the top tier.

Denial E-sports: Denial is somewhere in the middle for me. They have talented players, there’s no denying that, but even with a good start to season 2, they seemed to fall behind midway through and couldn’t catch back up. Macetodaface, ShadowQ, Bronxbombers, and Whalrus still remain from season 2, with Adjust joining them from Enemy E-sports.

Team Flex: One of the new fan favorite teams, a charismatic group of talented players. Mattypocket has left coaching to take over solo lane, Lassiz will remain mid, with Incon filling support, Oceans at ADC, and Daretocare remaining in the jungle. They will have something to prove, but there is no denying it’s a strong team.


Epsilon300blk                          250px-PARA                            248154                     84864



EU Free Agents: Frezzyy (Team Dignitas), Cherryo (London Conspiracy), Youngbae (Epsilon Esports coach), Brotuz (Titan)

Xbox switches: Snakeskin (Free agent)


Paradigm: It doesn’t look like they have made any roster changes, which makes sense for a team that performed very well during season 2. Look for them to be much of the same in season 3. They currently have a spot in the upcoming Spring Split for season 3.

Epsilon E-sports: Considering they’re reigning Champions, they have not made any known changes. They have a spot in the Spring Split.

Fnatic: As of right now Fnatic only has three members, Maniakk, Zyrhoes, and Realzx, like some of the NA teams, those are names free agents would like to play with, they have a lot of talent and should be able to build on it.

Cringe Crew: I believe a new team, they do have some well known names. Repikas, Zashu, Aero, Emilzy, and ShaggyShenk fill out their roster.

Team Dignitas: Dignitas looked to upgrade their roster, acquiring some reliable talent to fill them out. Darkdodo, Frostiak, Shadownightmare, Suntouch, and Irens make up the team. They have a spot in the Spring Split.


The following teams look to secure their own spot in the Spring Split and make a name for themselves.

The Forsen Boys: Minos, MrCrunchy, Fexez, Qiwen, Darzer. The only name I recognize from this roster is Darzer, but hopefully they can change that by giving some good performances and landing some W’s in season 3.

Torpedo: Gamehunter, Gamehunter, Gamehunter! HE’S BACK! So many memories of hearing Gamehunter’s name called during the early days of competitive Smite. The rest of the team consists of Ninjabobat, Korinyo, Murrdurr, and Moex, which are some names we’ve all heard before. This team might be the main team to watch if they make it into the Spring Split.

Hungry For More: Variety, CaptainTwig, PrettyPrime, Zindurn, Ataraxia. They’re all players we know from season 2, and even if they don’t make it into the Spring Split, I don’t see them being out of the SPL for long.

Leftovers: Nika, Jungler, Cherryo, Badgah, Arkkyl. This is an unknown team to me other than Badgah and Cherryo, we will have to wait and see how much of a threat they are to the other contenders.


If you know of any roster changes that I missed, leave them in the comments or let me know I messed up on twitter @DeFran2385, or if you have anything I should put in the next What’s Trending, let me know.


Source: Reddit. OP: Traumahunter

Source: Reddit. OP: Novercalis