SNN Flarrow Episode 1: “Here We Go Again!”

SNN Flarrow Episode 1: “Here We Go Again!”

Both The Flash and Arrow return to the CW with all new episodes for our TV nerd crew to discuss.  Scene N’ Nerd host Sarah Belmont (@sjbelmont) gives her best Matt impression, while guest host Everett Harn (@theEverwritten) and Kerri Gillette (@KerrBearKru) provide tangents galore.  The crew talk all things Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Flashpoint, and rogue time travel.  Then they turn their attention to “Mayor Handsome” Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) in Star City.  All of the rants, raves, and rambles are back!

The FlashFlashpoint


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Sarah Belmont

First and foremost I am a TV/Film nerd. Secondly, I am a SceneNNerd writer/blogger/podcaster. At the end of the day, I am a small town Alaskan girl. In 2012 I graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. I have aspired to be a writer ever since I became the editor of my high school yearbook. I fell in love with film as a child. My family would always rent movies on the weekend and afterwards breakdown the plot. I have been an avid reader ever since my Harry Potter obsession in elementary school. In college I took a film noir class that changed my perspective on the film/TV medium. I discovered that I could break down a single shot on the screen, just like how I would approach breaking down a sentence in a book. I have been hooked ever since. A good TV show, or film tells a great story. A great TV show, or film includes nuances and subtext that can be explored by nerds like me.

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