So Much Death in “Justice League” #50 The Darkseid War Part 10

May 25, 2016

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JUSTL_Cv50_dsJustice League #50: The Darkseid War Part 10
DC Comics

Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Jason Fabok

What feels like a battle filled, bloody, lifetime has now come to an end as Justice League #50 brings the end to Geoff Johns Darkseid War. The best thing to happen during the New 52 finally reaches its culmination as the Justice League face Grail and all the evil she can muster one last time. Lives are lost, Gods are reborn and the world will never be the same as the dust settles on The Darkseid War but one thing is for certain it was a hell of a lot of fun.

So much happens in this final issue that I am amazed Geoff Johns was able to keep this massive story contained to 48 pages. Life, death, redemption, heroism and rebirth fill the panels of Justice League #50 as it make the perfect stepping stone to DC’s future. As always Johns shows readers why he is the untouchable king of the DC Universe. Johns destroyed our heroes only to rebuild them as something greater within the pages of Darkseid War. But most importantly Johns reminds us in Justice League #50 that DC’s heroes aren’t Gods because they aren’t afraid to intervene and do what’s right. It felt especially important┬áthat Johns would make this heartfelt degree to DC naysayers as we approach Rebirth. He basically tells us even thought these heroes have the power to change the world, its how they use it that makes us love them and when Gods have the power to make change they don’t but a hero always will.


Johns doesn’t hold back in Darkseid War and while he does finish this story he leaves plenty of beautiful and down right dastardly prospects on the horizon. Johns has always had my faith but after Darkseid War I am not sure he can do any wrong in my eyes. Johns’ storytelling is other further cemented and make an instant classic thanks to the art of Jason Fabok. The Darkseid War has been consistently beautiful and Fabok continues to bring the heat in this final issue. His action scenes are unmatched, while his character designs are so striking its hard to turn away. I honestly couldn’t image this book without Fabok’s art.

Justice League #50 is the perfect end to what in my opinion was the best comic book series of the New 52. Johns simply understands the comic book medium and what makes it special and every ounce of his knowledge and fandom spews from the pages of Darkseid War Part 10. It’s a must read issue that will only further your excitement for the future of DC comics and its universe.