SOMETHING EPIC #2: Image Comics Review

Jun 14, 2023

Mad Cave Studios


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The highly anticipated second installment of one of the best new comic series is finally here. Something Epic #2 by creator Szymon Kudranski hits the shelves of comic book stores on June 14. Get ready for the next awe-inspiring addition to what I believe will become one of the most iconic comics of the modern age.

Writing and Art by: Szymon Kudranski

Letters by: DC Hopkins


This issue provides the answer to the mystery surrounding Danny’s mom’s visit to the doctor. My heart goes out to this boy as we witness him delving even deeper into the realm of imagination. It’s a logical response to the news they received. With his real-world falling apart, Danny desperately seeks for something, anything that can bring him comfort.

Something Epic #2 brilliantly highlights the act of confronting one’s reality and fears, even if it’s through our imaginations. It serves as the first step towards facing our own demons.


Once again, the artwork in “Something Epic #2” leaves me speechless. The panels exude a captivating aura that immediately grabs hold of you, pulling you into this realm of fantasy and keeping you enthralled. The clever use of darker tones effectively enhances the overwhelming despair that Danny likely feels. Moreover, bursts of bright colors such as reds, greens, and blues throughout the issue perfectly punctuate the narrative, creating a well-paced experience


“Something Epic” stands unrivaled in its brilliance, truly exemplifying the art of storytelling. It cuts deep, evoking a plethora of emotions within its pages, and may appear slow-paced. However, this is not a sprint; it’s a book meant to be savored and enjoyed. Take your time with it, and relish every second. There’s so much more I could say, but I fear it would detract from the brilliance of Szymon Kudranski. In conclusion, you will not find anything in this world that can truly compare to “Something Epic”; quite simply put, it is peerless.