SOMETHING EPIC #3: Image Comics Review

Jul 13, 2023

Mad Cave Studios


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The latest installment of the ongoing series Something Epic has hit the shelves. Danny dives into his dreams where he discovers a new element to his powers. The captivating journey into the realm of imagination continues to unfold.

Written by: Szymon Kudranski
Art by: Szymon Kudranski
Letters by: DC Hopkins

Danny’s journey into his dream world and a final conversation

With each passing issue, my fascination grows. The remarkable artwork, clever references, and the extraordinary power of imagination on display continue to impress. The issue begins with Danny in slumber, awakened by a version of his mother that appears younger and more alive than the one he knows in the real world. Within this dream, Danny finds a new power. He sets out to experiment with it only to find disappointment. Upon returning home, Danny engages in a final conversation with his mother. She tells him that she believes in him and expresses her desire to learn everything about Danny and the world he sees. Danny shares every little detail, from the characters to the symphonies and more. Sadly, his mother succumbs to her illness, we turn the page to find years have gone by, and Danny is now an adult. Living in the countryside where he finds peace away from it all, but he soon discovers that escape is an elusive concept.  

a figment of imagination

This issue boasts a lot of references, which might be a figment of my own imagination. However, they add depth to the narrative. The scene where Danny tests his powers, it evokes a reminiscent tone of the first Spiderman film. Where Peter is trying to figure out his web-slinging abilities. Moreover, the panels that follow feature a soda can turning into a sunset which took my mind to Apocolypse Now(yes, the war epic). Diving into this topic, Apocolypse Now symbolized a journey into one’s darker self as the characters ventured deeper down the river. Similarly, this issue feels like a journey of Danny’s own inner shadows. Especially if you consider the ending of this volume. The introduction of a dark and ominous house that will feel right at home in The Addams Family signals what lies ahead for Danny, his own darkness.

Final Thought

Both the story and the artwork continue to embody the essence of the phrase “Something Epic”. Kudranski captivates and intrigues with every panel. The narrative steadily progresses, albeit with a sense of mystery. There’s an irresistible quality to this story that leaves me wanting more, but alas, I must await the continuation of Danny’s story.