Something Is Killing The Children #16 (REVIEW)

May 25, 2021

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Something Is Killing The Children #16
BOOM! Studios

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Werther Dell’Edera
Colors by: Miquel Muerto
Letters by: Andworld Design

‘Something Is Killing The Children’ #16 takes readers back to the beginnings of one of the most badass female characters ever created, Erica Slaughter. It seemed with the ending of the last issue that the series had come to a final conclusion. As it turns out, James Tynion IV wasn’t yet finished — thank goodness for that.

Part of what made ‘Something Is Killing The Children’s’ first few arcs great was how little readers knew about the main character and the organization she belonged to. While Tynion gave us snippets of her origins, the story never slowed down to explain her past. Deciding to hold off until now to give readers her backstory was, in short, brilliant.

In addition to learning how Erica got her start, more is revealed about The House of Slaughter — an organization that is almost as menacing to its own members as it is to outsiders. While hunting monsters presents its own set of challenges, it appears Erica’s toughest battles will come from within the halls of her newest home. Tynion, as always, does a remarkable job at character building. With ‘Something Is Killing The Children’ #16, he makes clear right away that Erica is not to be underestimated. Watching her evolve from a shocked 12-year-old to a merciless monster hunter is going to be a wild ride.

‘Something Is Killing The Children’ #16 does more than just tell a great story, it also shows it. Dell’Edera’s art elicits a tremendous amount of fear and suspense without any action taking place. The tension is palpable with most of it being created simply through the depiction of the characters facial expressions. 

Overall, ‘Something Is Killing The Children’ continues to be a fantastic series. By taking us back to where it all started, Erica’s introduction into the world of monster hunting is sure to be both terrifying and fascinating.