Sony Wireless Headset for PS3 (or PC/MAC)

Sep 21, 2011

As a married man, I struggle to hear my games. If the volume is too loud, my wife complains. If it’s too low, she talks right over it. The solution: Sony’s affordable wireless headset designed for me. Yup, they may as well put my name on it. While it’s not infallible, what you get for $99 is well worth it for several gamer types from casual to married.

Sound: it’s perfect 7.1. You have the option to adjust the volume using a plastic slider which is conveniently fed back to you with an onscreen notification. This is all dandy, but the plastic construction is why it’s low priced. It feels uncomfortable to slide the dial – I’ve over and under adjusted it several times to get the volume where I need it to be. Granted, once there, I haven’t adjusted it again.

Voice chat: going back to the build quality, pulling out the retractible mic reminds me of taking a toy out of my old toy box as a kid. It feels like it will pull completely out each time and the sound of plastic sliding along plastic feels cheap. But hey, its only $99. The actual voice chat is really strong. No doubt Sony leveraged is huge internal network to bring top components to the inside of this headset. But the design quality does have strengths.

Design: it fits comfortably on my head for hours without irritating my big ears. The ventilation is solid while external noise is well reduced so sometimes I just can’t hear my wife ask me to vacuum. Oh shucks. She did tell me that even add a low medium volume she could hear sound coming from my headset. It’s better than the alternative but something to watch out if your significant other sleeping nearby. All controls (volume, power, mute) are all well placed making them easy to remember, and difficult to accidentally bump.

Setup: just charge it and then plug in the recover via USB. Seriously…done.

This device is great for those who can’t afford a surround sound system or perhaps does not have the physical space for it. $99 may be steels but if you can find it any less, I strongly recommend it.

Final Score: 8.5/10
Value is a 10/10 @ $50