Sparrowhawk #1 Review

Oct 2, 2018


Sparrowhawk #1
Boom! Studios 

Written By: Delilah S. Dawson
Art By: Matias Basla
Lettered By: Jim Campbell

Sparrowhawk #1 is the start of a new 5 issue mini-series that is about a young girl named Artemisia as she finds herself trapped in a new world and begins to work her way to get back home. First, we’re taken to England in 1851 and are shown how Artemisia is and the few people that surround her in her life. She’s not really welcomed by many due to the color of her skin, but she has a sister and they very much care for each other. She’s soon given quite an ultimatum and in the midst of trying to come to a decision, she suddenly is pulled into a new world and trapped. The way this occurs really caught me off guard as it does to Artemisia but the way she handles this situation is quite well. We learn how she tries to always be in control of her situations and tries to not show any fear even in the face of the unknown.

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Probably the most enjoyable part of the issue is how she takes it all in and comes to an understanding of what she needs to do to get home. The part where she makes a very selfless act on a creature is probably my favorite part of the story and that was the moment where I knew that I was going to enjoy reading about Artemisia. The way she has to get home though has me curious about the decision she’ll make going forward and see what other challenges will come her way.

The art here was something I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about when I initially started reading it. But as I went along, the style began to really grow on me. Some pages things may come off a bit messy but I do think the style really matches well with the story as when certain things happen. There’s a point where it gets weird and abstracted and you feel a bit lost in it but I think that was the intention of what they were going for there. It also does a fine job of giving off that fantasy vibe when we see this other world. Not everything is super detailed like you may find in other artists but I think many will still find enjoyment with the talent that was brought here, especially with the great final page we’re given. Sparrowhawk really is off to a great start as it may remind of stories like The Wizard of Oz or I Hate Fairyland but with its own fun twist to it.

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