SPLINTERING BACK: A 12 Monkeys After Show! EP. 8 – Lullaby

Jun 6, 2016



We’re SPLINTERING BACK and we’re bringing tissues. Welcome back to our 12 Monkeys AFTER SHOW! Pete and Lauren are here to get you through the craziness that was this weeks episode, Lullaby.

Cassie and Cole have their own version of “Groundhog Day” in this weeks episode as their mission to kill Katarina, at her request, doesn’t go as planned. Every time, Katarina is killed both Cassie and Cole wake up exactly where they arrived after the originally splintered. Resetting what they did before.

We also have the reveal of Katarinas daughter alive and well and living amongst Jennifer’s Goines followers, “The Daughters”. It’s such a powerful and emotional moment.

Pete and Lauren are talking about all this and more. Join them as they SPLINTER BACK to this weeks latest episode of 12 Monkeys!