Jul 23, 2017



With all of the news coming out of San Diego, it’s hard to separate the fact from the speculation. Especially in the case of some of the biggest films anticipated from Marvel Studios.

Now I need everyone to take this news with a grain of salt of course, but Geeks WorldWide was privy to some information from a reliable source who is working on the film that claims that there will be THREE major deaths in next year’s Avengers: Infinity War. Also, take into account that this is a story about the universe’s greatest weapon, one that can literally do anything, so resurrection obviously isn’t out of the question here. So even those these characters may die in Infinity War, they can also come back in Avengers 4.

Once again, this is info we received from a source on set so you can take it or leave it, but here is what we have heard.



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One of the first deaths and already widely speculated by fans in Infinity war will be Tony Stark himself. Robert Downey Jr. has stated in the press that he would like to leave the franchise before it becomes embarrassing and this might just be his swan song. If true, this could be the moment when Tony proves Cap wrong and becomes the hero of the story. It would definitely have some emotional impact in the context of the overall story.


The next death and maybe most surprising is that of Tony’s best friend Rhodey. Could War Machine’s death at the hands of the mad Titan spur Tony into making the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe? Could Rhodey’s spinal injury in Civil War put him into a position where he has to remain behind to stop Thanos once and for all? Both possibilities would signal a surprising and heroic end to the character.

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The third and final death in the movie is one that is probably the most understandable: Vision. The android Avenger is walking around with an Infinity stone lodged in his head, making him a walking target for Thanos and the Black Order. Judging from some of the footage leaked from the movie’s production, Vision’s story is definitely going to have some twists in Infinity War and his relationship with Wanda would not only enhance the drama if he died, but it might be enough to push Wanda over the edge and have her take on Thanos full force.

As stated before, all of this information is from a trusted source who worked on the film’s production and that reached out to us,¬†so take it as a rumor for now. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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