[Spoilers] Game of Thrones Finale Prediction

May 15, 2019


After watching episode 5 on Sunday evening, I now believe there is a connection to Bran’s warg actions during the Battle of Winterfell.

Spoilers follow - you’ve been warned.

We know Bran Stark is very powerful as he has fully become the Three Eyed Raven. We’ve seen him alter the future by changing the past. It’s my belief that during the Battle of Winterfell, Bran’s warg in front Theon before the Night King was killed by Arya created a wormhole of sorts so Bran can return to that time and change the outcome of the battle. He would do this because he didn’t know for certain if Dany would slaughter a million innocent people.

Deep breath.

This means that what we’ve seen since that moment all has the potential to be undone. This is an optimistic theory but also supports author George R.R. Martin’s statement that the ending of the show will be “bittersweet”. Consider this: Dany has become the Mad Queen when she chose to burn down King’s Landing and kill a million innocent lives. Everyone is now against her. This isn’t a bittersweet ending. It’s just bitter. If Bran wargs back to that moment during the Battle of Winterfell, just before the Night King is killed, and he manipulates the battle such that Dany is killed, he prevents her from becoming the Mad Queen. He saves a million lives.

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Again, many deaths could be undone: Varys, Jaime, Cercei, and the Hound. Bitter: we’ve seen our favorite characters die. Sweet: we see them triumph in the finale due to Bran’s time-loop.

I know this sounds bananas but that’s what makes it fun! I’m super excited for the finale and if I’m right about this, it’s actually the first time I’ve ever predicted a show’s ending 🙂

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