Staff GOTY 2012 – Matt

Dec 1, 2012

Borderlands 2 offered me and my buddy many hours of carnage in the world of Pandora as we tore through hordes of bandits, Hyperion personnel, and nasty alien creatures looking for an easy meal.

I played the first Borderlands and loved the one liners, crude language and lunacy surrounding character design and the second one is no different, maybe even better in that regard! The beloved vault hunters are back in this game and offer you, the new vault hunter, the support you need against the ass hole, Handsome Jack, which was one of my favorite parts of the game. Handsome Jack is made out to be hated and by the time you reach his skinny ass you are ready to unleash alien weaponry, grenades and whatever special ability you honed thus far and see him meet his end riddled with holes, oozing elemental effects and his defiled blood. The multiplayer combat is the best aspect of this game. I loved riding shotgun and laying waste to enemies on my way to another mission objective. Gearbox may not have reinvented the FPS, but they do know how to keep people interested in cooperative online play. We both earned our Platinum Trophies and look forward to more in the upcoming DLC.

Despite all the other titles this year and their success, Borderlands 2 earned it’s place amongst my favorite, most fun games of 2012.