Star Trek: Boldly Go #6 Review

Apr 3, 2017

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Star Trek: Boldly Go #6

Written by: Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott
Art by: Chris Mooneyham

In the first 5 books from this Boldly Go run we were treated to a great story arc and a pretty decent stand alone issue diving into the back story of the Jaylah, the new character introduced in the movie Star Trek Beyond. Captain Kirk along with newly appointed first officer Commander Sulu are in command of the U.S.S. Concord. While on a routine survey mission on the edge of the Alpha quadrant they come across a never before seen spatial anomaly, a White Hole. During a sensor sweep of the White Hole, Kirk and his crew find out that there are not the only ones doing the scanning and chaos ensues.

This new story arc starts off with a little set up then gets right to the action. You can really feel a change in the dialogue tone with the addition of Ryan Parrott, now teaming up with Mike Johnson. The pair of writers have a quick “to the point” style that keeps the pages turning. New to this run, artist Chris Mooneyham puts his own spin on the look of the book. The panels treat the eye and his unique shadowing gives this issue a new and different look to this universe.

With thirteen movies and seven hundred plus television shows from six different series it must be getting difficult to come up with new and exciting stories to tell, but IDW has done just that. Every story arc is fairly unique. Sometimes it is a new twist on a familiar theme, but it always comes across as fresh and original. I am looking forward to seeing where the rest of this run takes us.