Star Trek: Boldly Go #9 REVIEW

Star Trek: Boldly Go #9

Written by: Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott
Art by: Tony Chasten

After the destruction of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 in the movie Star Trek Beyond the crew find them selfs scattered through out the quadrant. Most of them have accepted temporary assignments while they wait for the construction to be completed the new USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A. Commander Spock and Uhura have decided to take advantage of this time to take a sabbatical on New Vulcan. Spock takes a supervising position for a mining operation in the south pole and Uhura starts teaching at an Earth Culture course at the Vulcan Science Academy. While mining in the south pole Spock finds something unexpected.

This time writers Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott have given us an interesting character piece for Spock and Uhura. They manage to give us some nice insight into these characters. Uhura’s independence and Spock dry humour are well written. Tony Chasten makes his return to this series.  As always his characters are on point and he gives us one of our first good looks at New Vulcan. This new home is similar to the original Vulcan. Tony shows us why they decided to choose this planet for their new home, but sprinkles in enough subtle differences to make the reader feel they are exploring a new place.

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This is not your typical Star Trek Story. No Kirk, no Enterprise, and no space travel. Maybe this isn’t the best issue to pick up if you are new to the Boldly Go series, but with a decent character story and a chance to explore New Vulcan, it should satisfy any hardcore Star Trek fan.

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