‘Star Wars’ Director J.J. Abrams Suggests Knights of Ren Should Get Spinoff

Jul 20, 2016


We’ve been quite curious where Lucasfilm could be going with future Star Wars anthology films and J.J. Abrams has suggested a really interesting one to Collider during an interview. The Force Awakens director mentions that the story (origin?) of The Knights of Ren could be worth exploring in a spinoff movie.

“I gotta say Kathy Kennedy, who’s running it all, she seems to be pushing all the right buttons. There isn’t something that I’d love to see—I guess the one thing I would say is there’s a Knights of Ren story that I think would be pretty cool to tell.”

After things like the Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoffs, Lucasfilm will likely have to look towards other events and characters within the canon to make future anthology films. Rumblings have suggested a Yoda and Hutts could get their own anthology films, but it’s not entirely something we’d like to see happen.

The great thing about The Force Awakens is that they do include a bunch of mysterious characters that could be further explored in anthology films.

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We’ve previously mentioned how we’d like to see Lucasfilm tackle spinoffs focusing on the space pirate Crimson Corsair and gangsters KanjiKlub played by The Raid actors.


The Knights of Ren also have an air of mystery and seeing Lucasfilm tackle their various origins, along with their hunt of the generation of jedi could be worthwhile. Possibly seeing a teenage version of Ben Solo turning on Luke along with his corruption by Supreme Leader Snoke further explained.

In Force Awakens, we saw them in dream/flashback sequence so there is a lot that could be done with the characters. There is some assumption that the Knights will be apart of upcoming main saga films, but seeing their origins might make a great anthology film.

It looked like they took unused concept art for Kylo Ren and turned them into a group of badasses.

Let’s keep in mind that Abrams hasn’t really committed to another Star Wars film with Rian Johnson tackling Episode VIII and Colin Trevorrow doing Episode IX. If J.J. decides to do another Star Wars over making Star Trek 4, I’m sure Kathleen Kennedy would be all-ears getting pitches from Abrams and could be interested in him making a Knights film.

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