Star Wars: Escape To A Galaxy far, far away

Feb 1, 2023

Along time ago in this galaxy, as a kid the first Star Wars movie was released. Yes, I’m old. We don’t need to get into that. I had always been a fan of Sci-Fi and space related stuff. When Star Wars premiered, I was completely sold and issued my Geek license. I have never looked back since. Star Wars is one of my go to movies to remind me of why I’m a Geek. A lot of my collections involve Star Wars.

Star Wars and a lot of Geeky stuff have always been escapes for people. A lot of people who escape hardships in their lives, to these fantastical places. I am no exception to this. 

The following to express what Star Wars meant to me as a kid and what it has means to me since then. I hope this resonates with your Geeky hearts.

Escape To A Galaxy Far Far Away
Escape To A Galaxy Far Far Away

The silver screen fills my imagination.

Three scrolling paragraphs begin the adventure.

A farm boy and his mentor,

a rogue and his beastly friend

set off to rescue a captured princess.

Blasters, spaceships,

“That’s no moon!”

Light sabers, evil empire,

“Great shot kid! That was one in a million!”

How many times have I watched this movie?

It doesn’t matter.

Here my world is grand, exciting, and safe.

Here in the cool, dark, and comfortable theatre,

with my soda and popcorn.

My Sand People

aren’t trying to tease and hurt me.

My Imperial Officers

aren’t telling me how horrible my class work is.

My Owen and Beru

aren’t here to yell at each other.

The credits roll.

John Williams’ Orchestra gives their send off.

There’s another showing

and another showing afterwards.

Thankfully I can stay awhile longer

with my friends

the princess, farm boy, and rogue.