Star Wars Visions #1 confirms we need more from The Ronin

Oct 12, 2022

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If you liked the first episode of Star Wars: Visions on Disney+, don’t think twice about picking this one-shot up.

The issue captures the essence of that short story, which is probably exclusively due to the fact Takashi Okazaki was the writer and artist. (For those unaware, he was one of the minds behind Star Wars: Visions’ first episode, The Duel.) As much as we’ve spent a limited amount of time with The Ronin to this point, Okazaki has proven he has great command of this character. Which is why Disney can’t stop with this one-shot.

Writing and Art by: Takashi Okazaki
Letters by: VC’s Joe Carmagna

Now, there is a novel on the character — which, last I checked, is out now. That’s great, but we need more in comic/manga and/or anime form. This character has too much potential. And Okazaki, who is not the writer for the novel, needs to be heavily involved.

While Star Wars has had its share of quiet badasses over the years, the Ronin is different from any other character we’ve seen in this universe. He’s a rogue, sith-like character with attire that can fit in this universe but indicates he’s from a different part of the galaxy. Simply put: He’s got a look and personality fans can invest in.

More importantly, the hard work has already been done. Marvel has clearly found a creator who understands this character. Sure, one comic and one episode is a small sample size, but these two bits of content are seamless. It truly feels like either Okasaki did both the comic and episode himself or the entire group of people involved in The Duel all had a hand in the comic.

Let’s just hope Star Wars identifies The Ronin’s potential on mediums and doesn’t stop here.

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