Stardust crashes Stephen Amell’s panel at Dallas Comic Con

Feb 16, 2016

During Dallas Comic Con, WWE superstar Stardust confronted Stephen Amell during the last portion of Amell’s panel.

The two were also joined by Eden Stiles as the moderator for the remainder of the panel. Stardust was pretty entertaining, took a few shots at Stephen and answered some questions from the audiences before the two WWE superstars presented Amell with his Slammy Award.

After Amell accepted the award, Stardust threw a glass of water on the Arrow stars face.

It’s not official quite yet but the two are said to possibly be facing each other once more at WrestleMania 32 in April. Here’s hoping!

Watch the entire confrontation below, (via (Warning: Turn down Volume)

One of the things I wanted to point out about these two, aside from the entertaining video, is the selflessness of both Amell and Goldust.

The Slammy Award itself is to be raffled to benefit Elijah “Drax Shadow” Mainville, who is an eight-year-old battling cancer. Elija was previously listed as an honorary-WWE superstar back in August.

The two previously spoke with IGN on the subject,

“[Elijah] came to the San Jose show [last August]. Elijah is eight years old and he has fought cancer for five of his eight years. He’s no longer doing chemo because he’s had too many chemo treatments and now he’s onto a more aggressive, and hopefully successfully, treatment. So he deserves a lot. And when I met him I was expecting to meet someone who was sick. But he was the farthest thing from it.”

“Right around the end of Season 3 of Arrow, I experimented with something and it was quite successful. I auctioned off an Oliver Queen statue. A couple of them actually. For another youngster who was battling a brain tumor. And so what people have to do – and the details will be on my Facebook page – is go to Elijah’s GoFundMe page. And all you have to do with a $5 donation is write “Stephen Amell” or “Stardust.” Or “Slammy WWE.” “Drax Shadow.” And we simply raffle this Slammy off. And I was amazed at what $5 dollars from people can do. A lot of people feel bad and say ‘I’m sorry I can only give five bucks.’ Well, that’s not the point. The point is: Give whatever you want. And when you pull that many people together, the results can be very cool.”

 I should also mention that the sales of a shirt design Amell previously commissioned and wore during SummerSlam against Stardust and King Barrett raised $228,867.60 for Emily’s House, a children’s Hospice in Canada. (The design can be seen on the hoodie of a gentleman in the video above. Stardust even comments on it.)
Kudos to these two being all-around good guys!
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