Step By Bloody Step – A Visual Odyssey

Aug 24, 2022

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Step by Bloody Step comic cover by Matías Bergara

Step by Bloody Step takes us on a visual odyssey in this comic from Si Spurrier. The title promises an epic journey, and these creators deliver. The book may take time to digest, but seeing the entire story is worth a re-read. Find yourself studying each page for clues to the Duo’s purpose and progress.

By Image Comics

STORY Si Spurrier
ART Matías Bergara
COLORS Matheus Lopes

Step By Bloody Step – First Impressions

A girl wakes in the palm of a giant and to a destiny that moves her ever onward without giving her the language to understand why. Ever the bearer of bad news, the knight must carry on the path to her known fate. As winter lingers, hints at coming spring can’t help but give hope.

The Characters

  • Girl – She wakes in the cold with no memory and is promptly adopted by a warrior with no language. All she knows is that she must put one foot in front of the other experiencing everything anew.
  • Knight – A warrior without words, she propels the girl forward to her providence. She attempts to make the best of what must be while understanding the stakes of moving forward, even if not exactly the path it will take.
  • Villain – This Xenophobic leader is looking to amass an army and ultimately even more power through manipulation and charm.
  • Planet – This mystical world seems to be linked to this girl. The planet propelling them along a path that is not theirs to choose or deviate. It seems to not only have an agenda, but it sets the course for the duo and responds to the girl’s blood.

Final Thoughts

Matías Bergara moves us effortlessly through this story while Matheus Lopes sets the tone with the color scheme. The blurbs added between each story relay so much through so little. The end matter seemed special to me. It was fun to see the author’s notes for the artist and how the team just blew it out of the park. Each bloody step was a step in the right direction.