‘Stranger Things’ Actor Dacre Montgomery Teasing ‘Nightwing’ Role?

Aussie actor Dacre Montgomery made a slight splash with Power Rangers earlier in the year but really seemed to get attention for his Stranger Things bully character Billy.

Well, Dacre posted a cryptic image of Nightwing on his Twitter account before deleting it. Omega Underground was able to take a screenshot before it was taken down.

Could this be a hint he was auditioning for the role?

Montgomery wouldn’t be the first Power Ranger actor to join the DCEU, as Ludi Lin was cast in James Wan’s Aquaman as Murk. Co-star Naomi Scott also landed a high-profile role as well playing Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin.

Montgomery’s Stranger Things co-stars have also landed big film roles in Godzilla 2, It, and New Mutants after season one.

Lego Batman’s Chris McKay is currently developing the Nightwing movie with Accountant screenwriter Bill Dubuque but we haven’t learned when it will go behind cameras. McKay has promised a martial arts focused action film and Dacre has some training from Power Rangers.

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Hiring a cast member before a project has been green lit isn’t too surprising considering WB’s hiring practices with the DCEU.

Omega Underground were the ones who first uncovered that Joe Manganiello was under the mask in that Slade Wilson/Deathstroke test footage shot in London, via social media. Joe’s role in The Batman is up-in-the-air but is reportedly getting a solo film from The Raid’s Gareth Evans.

It’s possible that Grayson and Slade will be crossing paths soon.

We’ve seen WB introduce DC heroes in other films before their solo outings, same could happen with Nightwing too. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



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