Super Hot Review

Sep 12, 2019

At the beginning of this summer, I went to watch John Wick 3 when it was released and if you are to ask me what the movie was about I couldn’t tell you to save my life, but I remember having a great time with that movie. The same thing can be said for “Super Hot” on the Nintendo Switch. When Super Hot was released on the Xbox One I decided to pass on the game. In 2019 I didn’t make that mistake. Super hot let me live out my John Wick fantasies and left me with a hell of a good time.

Super is a first-person action game where time only moves when you move. At first, I thought this game mechanic would “slow” down the pace of the gameplay but I was wrong. By giving you the ability to pretty much slow time when you don’t move, the game gives you opportunities to strategize and plan out how you want to take your enemy down. Trust me, you need to plan out every move carefully. In every level, you will find yourself outgunned and outnumbered so you must plan your next move. Anything around you can be used to disarm or kill your enemies. Do you see that glass of wine on the counter? Go ahead, throw it at your enemies head and use it to disarm them. Super Hot made me feel like John Wick in the sense that everything could be used to get me out of trouble. There were occasions, mostly towards the end of the game, where Super Hot felt unfair. Those occasions felt too few and far between levels that it didn’t tarnish my experience with the game. The switch version of Super Hot also comes with the ability to play with motion controls on, and this was an interesting way to experience the game. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of motion controls, so I didn’t care for this feature, but hey its there if you want to experience the game that way.

The level design in Super Hot is spectacular. From going down an elevator that reminded me of my favorite scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to jumping on top of a truck to escape being crushed by it, Super Hot delivers some of the best levels I have played in a while. My only two complains I have with Super Hot are how the game introduces a new mechanic at the end of the game and it doesn’t give you enough time to enjoy said mechanic and how short Super Hot is. I think I played less than three hours of Super Hot and I was already rolling credits. If you know what you are doing, you can beat a level in a matter of minutes. The mechanic that the game introduces at the end is unique and I wish it would have been there the entire time, I won’t get into specifics to avoid spoilers.

Super Hot is the latest must-have indie title for your Nintendo Switch. The fast, fluid gameplay, with the awesome action sequences, make Super Hot a must buy. The short campaign holds Super Hot back from being perfect, but it doesn’t take away the fact that this is one of the best indie titles that I have played in a long time. If you are like me and you slept on Super Hot when it was originally released, go to the Eshop and download this gem right now. Trust me, you won’t regret it.