Super Meat Boy, My Favorite Platformer

Apr 5, 2015


This game is beautiful. It is the perfect mix of retro-style platforming, cartoon-like graphics, and all that frustration that just keeps on motivating you. It has many qualities that make it very well created and fun to play. The game has a nice cartoon style appearance that I’m sure lots of people will like or perhaps, have liked if they’ve had the pleasure of seeing it.

The Gameplay: The best part about this game is its amazing take on platforming games. It uses simple controls and easy to understand levels to make it extremely easy to understand but don’t be fooled, its one of the most difficult games in recent years. Like your Demons Souls, this game is HARD and you will die a TON. However, this is not a bad thing, as this constant dying forces you to learn new ways to move and makes you look at things from a new angle, and unlike most games right now, it doesn’t give you a 2 hour long tutorial session. Instead it makes you learn the controls subliminally by giving you levels that make you learn things, such as “the pit” where you must cross a giant pit. In this level it makes you learn to sprint by giving you this uncrossable pit. This kind of thinking is one of the key features that makes Super Meat Boy superior to many indie titles (and some AAA, as well). Instead of giving you “Hey! Tilt the controller stick to do stuff!” commands, it makes you learn it yourself, and that makes you feel more rewarded.

The Levels: As for the levels, they are extremely well designed because they are straightforward, fast paced, and fun. In this game dying doesn’t make you feel horrible. Because of the concise length of each level, the only thing you think is “Ohhh that’s how I can do it”, and this is why I can’t stop playing it. With its straightforward level design, fast paced movement, and amazing control learning techniques, this is what makes Super Meat Boy the well-respected game that it is. Altogether, The gameplay is just amazing and does a lot of justice for the retro platformers many played as kids.

The Story:┬áThe story goes like this: Meat Boy and Bandage Girl love each other, but then a villain steals away Bandage Girl and Meat Boy has to save her. Super Meat Boy’s story is very much like any normal Mario game, it uses the formula of damsel in distress plus kidnapper equals motivation. which I honestly can let slide because this game isn’t really about the story, It’s about making a good platforming game, and they did just that, while the story doesn’t have much to offer, it makes a clear statement about what you are trying to accomplish, saving someone. Altogether I would say that the story is not much but still helps to create a nice setting for the game.

All in all, Super Meat Boy is the best platformer I have played so far. It’s got very easy-to-use controls, great level design, and a amazing art style. You can pick the game up on XBLA or Steam for $15

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