Exclusive Interview: Superbook Prepares for Kickstarter on July 21st (Updated)

Jul 13, 2016

(Update: July 22, 9:35am)

In roughly 24 hours, the Andromium team has nearly 3,000 backers on Kickstarter and have raised over $400,000. They’ve already exceeded 2 stretch goals (additional color and USB port) and are close to their $500,000 stretch goal of increasing the battery life from 8 to 10 hours. Remember, the Superbook also charges your phone while connected so extra power will be a welcome addition. The next major stretch goal is yet to be earmarked but will upgrade the 11″ screen from 720p to 1080p.

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If you’re anything like me, you want your cell phone to be your everything. It’s your primary communication conduit to your family and friends, you probably send at least half of your email and tweets from it, and you have a bitchin’ diamond-encrusted case wrapped around it. Enter Andromium’s upcoming product: Superbook. For just $99 this plug-and-play device turns your phone into a complete laptop. Just connect it via USB C or Micro-A and you’re ready to leverage it’s 11.6″ LCD display, multi-touch trackpad, and keyboard. Not only does it have a promised 8 hours of battery life, it also charges your phone while connected and active.

Today I had the opportunity to interview Andrew Jiang – co-founder of Andromium, which you may find the video below.

Below is a portion of their press release.

From Andromium’s Press Release:

About Andromium Inc.

Andromium Inc. is building a future where the only computer you’ll need is your smartphone. Founded by Google and Y Combinator alumni, Andromium’s software makes Android function like a familiar desktop — no technical knowledge or custom firmware needed, just download

from the Play Store. We are launching on Kickstarter our flagship hardware, the Superbook: a plug-and-play device that works with Andromium to provide the full laptop experience, providing the laptop body, keyboard, trackpad, and 8+ hours of battery life, starting at just $99.

About the Superbook – Launching on Kickstarter on July 21, 2016 

The Superbook is a plug-and-play device that turns your smartphone into a complete laptop. Just connect your smartphone to any Superbook, and get the same computing experience no matter where you go – never sync or upgrade your laptop again. Benefits of the Superbook

• Carry and manage fewer devices. Superbook users live with the freedom of owning one computer. Just connect your smartphone to any Superbook, and get the same computing experience – anytime, anywhere.

• Uninterrupted access to files, apps, and data. With the Superbook, you always have access to the files and apps already on your smartphone. It also can use your phone’s wifi, bluetooth, and data plan, so you’re always connected.

• True desktop productivity (including multi-window support). The Superbook is powered by Andromium, an app that provides a true desktop experience on Android. Get a multi-windowed environment, along with taskbar, keyboard shortcuts, notification center, and everything else you’ve come to expect from your work computer.



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