Supergirl 3×8 ‘Crisis on Earth-X Part 1’ Review

Nov 29, 2017


Season 3 Episode 8 Crisis on Earth-X Crossover Event Part 1 Review

Spoilers ahead

Its finally here; as a huge fan of DCTV AKA the Super Flarrowverse of Tomorrow since the first arrow Oliver notched into his bow when the crossover events began to happen my already immense enjoyment of the individual shows was catapulted into the stratosphere higher than if they were punched by Supergirl herself. The beginning of Crisis on Earth-X was no exception, in fact, not only is this shaping up to be unquestionably the best crossover event or individual episode for any of our respective SuperFriends’ shows; the complete Crisis on Earth-X feature is shaping up to rival and even exceed many of its fellow comic book films on the big screen. There are a million amazing things that happen during the inciting episode of the crossover, so if by some chance you do not tune in to all of the DCTV programs, (they’re incredible, so you should), I strongly implore you to grab the CW App, check your On Demand service, or discover another way to view them all, because Crisis runs, in true mini event series fashion, similar to a film, in a singular, continuous narrative. So, if you tune into Supergirl and Flash regularly, but skip Arrow or Legends, you’re going to miss huge chunks of the story. Find a way to watch all of our super shows in the order they air for our spectacular viewing event so you can truly enjoy Crisis on Earth-X in all of its out of this world glory!

One of my favorite things about this Crossover Event, which is a giant leap up from last year, is the fact that our kick off episode (Supergirl) is fully immersed in the crossover. Unlike last year where the Dominator attack began in the last five minutes of our favorite Kryptonian’s show, this time we literally start at second 1 100% go for Earth-X. As a matter of fact, we start our event ON Earth-X, one of the many parallel Earth’s of the Multiverse. Earth-X plays out how life would have been if Hilter’s Nazi Party won WWII, and continued the Reign of the Reich into our present day. As a band of Freedom Fighters prepare work on a special tool that can help usurp the oppressive Reich, they are struck down by red quill arrows, fired by an ominous masked archer, baring a striking resemblance to Green Arrow. A last-ditch effort to save the resistance comes in the form of Earth-X’s Guardian, sporting a very Captain America-esq paint job to his usual suit. After a valiant effort, Guardian-X falls at the hands (and arrows) of Archer-X (Dark Arrow), who returns the Resistance’s tool to a Reich officer, demanding him to get it operational. After the spellbinding opener, we’re treated to an incredible Intro Title Card featuring battle clips of the heroes of Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends, playing within the letters spelling out ‘Crisis on Earth-X’. An incredible intro treatment that I hope they retain post-crossover, and just change up the lettering for the respective show titles, giving a unique universe title intro to stand on par with the DCEU and MCU.

As we return to Earth 1, the Flash is battling King Shark while Iris is very concerned with an emergency, some of their friends still haven’t RSVP’d, and the caterer needs a final headcount. As Barry asks who still hadn’t RSVP’d we cut to Oliver, (now again the Green Arrow), battling a group of ninjas, talking with Felicity about Barry and Iris’s wedding, ending the ninja battle with Oliver declaring ‘of course we’re going’ much to Felicity’s delight. Meanwhile, in medieval England, the Legends of Tomorrow battle some horse riding evil doer’s, while asking each other if anyone RSVP’d to the Speedster’s wedding, as the WaveRider appears, Stein ushers the group inside as they have to get to a wedding (though why there is a rush when they’re on a time ship is a little lost, it’s still a fun continuation of the scenes). Lastly, we arrive on Kara’s earth as she battles a Dominator Alien, knocking it out, and telling it that they’re ‘so last year’ (a fun throwback to the last Crossover Event). Later, Alex and Kara sit on Kara’s couch downing wine and ice cream to drown their sorrows. Upon Alex finding Kara (and Mon El’s) invitation to Barry and Iris’s wedding, Kara decides the Danvers sisters are not going to sit around and mope about their lost loves, they’re going to travel to a parallel earth and enjoy a Metahuman’s wedding!

As our heroes connect, we get treated to a ton of fun moments, a ton of nerdy science dialog as Cisco, Wells, Caitlin, and Stein discuss the formula to free he and Jax from the Firestorm Matrix. Noticing Jax’s obvious discomfort at the thought of ending the nuclear wonder twin duo, Stein modifies the formula in an attempt to give Jax powers, super sticky powers from Spider DNA. This gives us a bunch of fun one-liner laughs, and the second Spider-man, (third overall Marvel), nod this season. At the rehearsal dinner, (at Jitters, where else), there is more fun bonding, some broody excessive drinking, and eventual making out between Alex and Sara. Barry asks Kara to sing at the wedding, and Oliver attempts to propose to Felicity, only to be very loudly turned down. The morning of the wedding, Barry super speeds out of their home, leaving Iris breakfast and a sweet note. Felicity mopes, regretting her outburst at Oliver while envying Kara’s sleep flying ability, and Alex wakes up in bed with Sara, shocked and mortified from having a one night stand. She attempts to sneak out of bed before loudly falling on her butt, which gives Kara quite the delight as she finds out about her sister’s escapades when Sara arrives at the church and mentions her leaving.

In one of the sweetest moments in the DCTV universe, Kara sings ‘Runnin’ Home to You’ as Iris walks down the aisle, Barry tears up, (along with half the cast and the majority of the at-home audience), and the nuptials begin, just to be interrupted by an army of Nazi’s. An absolutely EPIC battle ensures, highlighting all of our heroes in tremendous fashion. The choreography and attention to detail in this scene was just stupendous. Cisco, Barry, Wally, Killer Frost, and Heatwave mow down rows of Nazi soldiers, Alex and Sara battle Prometheus, Oliver goes toe to toe, and arrow to arrow with Dark Arrow (including a killer assist by Cisco with a breach jump punch from the floor to the upper balcony). Kara battles the flying masked blonde woman, (who looks very much like an evil version of Supergirl, or Overgirl), fighting into the sky above the church, then back into the church, (with an impact that knocks out Cisco), before Kara takes a page out of the Incredible Hulk’s book delivering a seismic clap that would make our Gamma Giant proud. Everyone is thrown to the ground, the glass windows of the church shatter, and the Reich are forced to retreat. The team regroups, checking on Cisco, having Wally move Joe and Cecile far away from Central City, and Dark Arrow and Overgirl also regroup, met by the Reverse Flash, revealing their faces to truly be the doppelgangers of Oliver and Kara, and Reverse Flash is Eobard Thawne as Harrison Wells. They begin discussing the next steps of their plan.

The first segment of this four-part crossover event was so beyond incredible I cannot even put it into words. I loved everything the team explored for this spectacle. I’m thankful Supergirl initiated the Crossover right out the gate, watching the life being led on Earth-X was incredible and terrifying, the humor, the emotion, the chemistry that such an expansive cast of characters can share with and build off of from one another is truly mesmerizing. I love each one of these shows individually, the universe they share, and when they come together; especially in a format that is truly shot like a cinematic experience, the result is on par with and even begins to rival some of the best on-screen performances in the same genre. The right level of campy, serious, mature humor, emotional, comic throwbacks, realistic and otherworldly threats; coupled with an exceptionally talented and dedicated team of writers, directors, producers, and a cast that is truly Super makes television events like these in serious contention for the best thing to hit live action under the DC banner this year. Not to mention, we’re only 25% of the way through!

As we continue to Arrow, (brilliantly moved to immediately follow Supergirl for a two night, two-two hour block event), we have so much to uncover. How will our heroes react when they discover the identity of the foes from Earth-X? What does the Reich want on Earth 1? Will Crisis on Earth-X turn out to be better than the Justice League film (which I truly enjoyed, but right now, its a very intense battle for supremacy)? Tune in next as we delve into the second chapter of this brilliantly executed Crossover Event, Crisis on Earth-X!

Until next time, keep it nerdy!