Superman Documentary: Selling Superman

Oct 22, 2022

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What is your Holy Grail comic? What would you do if you had the chance to sell a Batman #1 (8.0) or a Superman #1 (7.0)? A new Superman documentary –Selling Superman– is live on Kickstarter right now and with it comes family drama and a safe full of comic collecting goodness.

Origin Story

A hidden comic collection of over 300,000 books was kept a family secret for 40 years. Darren’s father Dale was an obsessive genius. His obsession — the comic collection — was fueled by his Asperger’s (ASD), and it progressively overtook the home, put strain on his marriage, and it continues to bruise his family, even after his passing. Darren is now left with the collection, which includes the prized possession of his father: SUPERMAN #1 (7.0). Valued at over $3.5 million, it is one of the most valuable comic books of all time.

Selling Superman
Selling Superman Kickstarter is live now
Taken from trailer

The Creator

Selling Superman is an i2i Production, directed and produced by Adam Schomer, a conscious filmmaker, president of i2i Productions. Adam is known for going to extreme lengths to follow stories that empower us. Feature documentaries include the award winning THE HIGHEST PASS (2012), THE POLYGON (2014), ONE LITTLE PILL (2015). WOMEN OF THE WHITE BUFFALO (2022) and the #1 iTunes Best-Seller and NETFLIX hit, HEAL (2017). His recent docuseries, THE ROAD TO DHARMA (2020),  is a heart-pounding and spirit-driven quest to find freedom on motorcycles in the Himalayas.

HIdden Secret
Selling Superman Hidden Family Secret
Taken from Kickstarter Page

Up In The Sky

Superhero comics at the outset are about hero’s fighting villains. But on the deeper more meaningful level they are about family, and life and death. Selling Superman looks to tell the story of a traumatized family. An origin story into the collecting habits of a man and how they affected a son and a wife. A Superman documentary. There is a lot of work and money left to be spent for the making of the documentary. The trailer shows smiles, tears and enough comic and geek virtue that any comic fan should fly towards backing this movie.

The Kickstarter is live now and looking to raise $170,556 CA. The goal is have the money raised by November 17,2022. Kickstarter connects creators with backers to fund projects. Rewards aren’t guaranteed, but creators must regularly update backers. You’re only charged if the project meets its funding goal by the campaign deadline.