Superman of Metropolis #2 (REVIEW)

Feb 2, 2021

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Superman of Metropolis #2
DC Comics

Written by: Sean Lewis
Art by: John Timms
Colors by: Gabe Eltaeb
Letters by: Dave Sharp 

Future State: Superman of Metropolis may be at an end, but Jonathan Kent’s journey is just beginning. Sean Lewis’ accomplished a lot in his short run with Superman, telling a great story while also setting Clark Kent’s son up for a bright, impactful future. This story gives the feeling that DC definitely has plans for Jonathan Kent beyond Future State.

In Future State Superman of Metropolis #2, Lewis keeps his focus on the ramifications of Superman’s decision to bottle up the City of Metropolis. However, this story is about so much more. Lewis is a fan of big themes, and Future State Superman of Metropolis is filled with them. What we get in the conclusion of this story is a young hero trying to find himself, with the hope of carving his own path. It is this journey of self-discovery that sets Jonathan Kent on a path to not just live up to the family name, but to also make his own mark outside of his fathers extraordinary shadow. 

While there is a lot of character development, Future State Superman of Metropolis #2 isn’t without action. Two issues typically doesn’t provide enough room to tell much of a story, however, Lewis wasted no time and was able to provide one of Future State’s better titles. With the mind games played by Brain Cells, the battle between Jon, and his legacy and the lives of millions hanging in the balance — quite simply, Future State: Superman of Metropolis delivered. 

In addition to Superman of Metropolis #2, we get two short stories: “The Metropolis Menagerie Part III” written by Brandon Easton, art by Valentine DeLandro, and “The Guardian in Future State Part II” written by Sean Lewis and art by Cullen Hamner. While The Metropolis Menagerie isn’t a story that has really captivated me, that’s no fault of the writing; rather, these short stories feel a bit forced.  Additionally with some of these stories scattered throughout various books, it becomes hard to keep track on where to find them. However, with The Guardian, I was able to buy in — mostly because the story was a direct tie-in to Superman of Metropolis. But that was also written by Sean Lewis, which further enhanced it’s connection to the main story.

Score: 9/10
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