Superman Up In The Sky #1 REVIEW

Superman Up In The Sky #1
DC Comics

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Andy Kubert
Inks by: Sandra Hope
Colors by: Brad Anderson
Letters by: Clayton Cowles

One of Superman’s greatest qualities has always been how much he cares about the people he saves. Of course, every hero cares about the people they save. It’s part of the reason they fight crime and villainy.

But Superman has always been on another level. He’ll always go the extra mile. (It also helps he can do things others don’t.) Superman Up In The Sky #1 serves as a reminder of just how far the Man of Steel will go to save an innocent.

However, Tom King shows it’s not as simple a decision for Superman as we might normally think.

It’s always seemed like, if it’s a good thing or just — basically, the “right thing to do” — Superman is going to do that. His approach was almost second nature. There didn’t seem to be a doubt in his mind.

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Yet we see him think things over quite a bit in Superman Up In The Sky #1. Now, that could simply be a result of the situation being so unique. Yet, we see another situation that leads Superman to question everything he does as a crime fighter. So maybe doubt is more a part of him than we realize. Maybe . . . maybe Superman questions next to every move he makes like the rest of us.

Andy Kubert drew some awesome action throughout Superman Up In The Sky #1. Outside of the fights, there are quite a few other shots that’ll catch your attention.

Superman Up In The Sky #1



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