Supermassive #1: Image Comics Review

Feb 22, 2022

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Supermassive #1 Main Cover

When Kyle Higgins first introduced Radiant Black to the masses, it was an instant hit. One year later, the universe he created has exploded and become … Supermassive. Supermassive #1 is a crossover event that aims to launch the world of Radiant Black to the next level. Spoiler alert — it does!

Written by: Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrot, Mat Groom
Art by: Francesco Manna
Colors by: Igor Monti
Letters by: Becca Carey

It only took one issue of Radiant Black to know that Higgins was onto something special. Gripping storytelling, fascinating characters and a rich world building made Radiant Black a universe with limitless possibilities. Well thanks to Supermassive #1 we get to see what those possibilities are. 

While Supermassive #1 serves its purpose of introducing new characters into the Radiant Black universe, it also stands on its own with great storytelling. Sixty pages can sometimes be a slog to get through, but Supermassive #1 reads at a lightning-fast pace that just leaves you wanting more. 

In addition to the compelling writing and world-building done in Supermassive #1, one cannot overlook the stellar art of Francesco Manna with colors by Igor Manti and Komikaki Studio. The action sequences are intense, and the colors are vivid — and at times, electric. Pacing is never an issue, as there never seems to be any lulls — page to page, panel to panel. Simply put, this book is a visual tour de force.

” Supermassive #1 is a crossover event that aims to launch the world of Radiant Black to the next level. Spoiler alert — it does!”

Overall, Supermassive #1 delivers on its promise to be a superhero event like no other. There is so much room in this universe for Higgins, Ryan Parrot, Matt Groom and others to showcase their skills and deliver outstanding stories. There is no doubt the characters introduced in Supermassive #1 will go on to have their own wildly successful titles, which one can only hope will spawn even more books.  

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