Survival Horror in ‘Game of Horror’

Oct 19, 2015

October is a great month to play survival horror or scary video games. Thus far I haven’t been very good at finding any really scary games, but “Game of Horror” changed that! “Game of Horror” is an Xbox Indie game on the Xbox 360. Most of these $1 games aren’t that great, but I really enjoyed this one.

The atmosphere is pretty well done and simplistic. Its an old empty house and you only have your flashlight to guide you around, much like “Slenderman”. Also similar to “Slenderman”, a creature follows you around the house while you try to escape. There isn’t much to say about the sounds in the game. Most of the time it is silent. That silence builds an uneasy feeling while playing and is terrifying when its broken.

I’m not a big fan of survival horror games, but “Game of Horror” does a pretty great job. Especially for a buck.

So come see if I make it out alive! Witness survival horror gameplay at its worst watch the new video!