Swagtron SwagBoard T580 warrior

Aug 20, 2021

Swagtron SwagBoard T580 Warrior has provided a new way for me to play with my kids.

My kids love to ride their traditional scooters and bicycles. I was looking for a scooter or hoverboard I could ride alongside them at parks and up and down the neighborhood. Swagtron makes many Swagboards but I needed one that could handle my size: 190 lbs. Fortunately, the kind folks at Swagtron responded to my request with this powerful hoverboard.

Swagboard T580 Warrior Key Features

  • LiFePo Battery: noncombustible, nonflammable from damage or charging (with a 5 year warranty!)
  • 600 watts of power: Dual 300W motors enables speeds up to 8 MPH (exclusive to the XL model)
  • Party time: 30 LED lights that sync with your phone via Bluetooth

Swagboard T580 Warrior Key Specficiations

  • Battery: LiFePO4, 38.4V/2AH
  • Safety Standards: UL2272
  • Maximum Load: 220 lbs
  • Wheel size: 8″
  • App Supported
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Price: $269.99 USD (currently on sale for $249.99)

Safety and Experience

The Swagboard T580 Warrior is an off-road model. It has music sync ground effects, 8 inch wheels, and the ability to go off road to a degree. I was in search of this type of device so I could take minor hills (5 – 10 degrees) and grassy areas. The music/Bluetooth portion I did test but otherwise I did not use it. It is a welcomed feature but just not for me. My biggest concern was safety. Not just my own but for my kids who would be using this from time to time (under careful supervision and with a helmet). Over the past decade, the market has matured and excellent brands like Swagtron have become successful in part due to their attention to safety. Using quality components such as the LiFePo battery contributes to alleviating my concerns over safety. As a parent, my focus should be on mine and my kids actions while operating the Warrior – and not thinking about if it will have a mechanical failure. I should add, after several hours of use in temperatures up to 90 degrees F, the Warrior never had a mechanical failure: no stuttering, unintentional power cycles, or sudden combustion.

My kids are much better at riding the Warrior than I am. I did not grow up on a skateboard, which I think would help. I’m also 5′ 11″ and 190 lbs, so riding the Warrior is more demanding of my core and overall ability to balance. I started off by teaching myself to ride it in my bedroom, surrounded by desks and counters that I could grab onto if needed, or I could jump onto my bed if I felt I was out of control. I taught myself to spin and change directions quickly. After a few minutes I was brave enough to take it outside and give it a real run. Finally, I took the Warrior to a nearby track and went around for a mile straight without any issues whatsoever. I do believe I reached the 8 MPH top-speed several times. Minor cracks in the pavement did not cause any jarring and I was able to maintain my pace and balance. My kids, though, they took to it more quickly than I did. Again, parents, ensure your kids have a helmet and other safety gear such as elbow and kneepads. Just in case.

Who is this For?

The Warrior is a lot of fun, it’s it’s surprisingly easy to get used to and to learn how to steer. You basically lean into the direction you want to go! But take your time if you are new to these types of sporting devices. I recommend the XL Warrior T580 to parents with kids 8 and up. If your kids want to ride their bicycles alongside you, it is a fun way to keep up with them.