SWAN SONGS #2: Image Comics review

Aug 9, 2023

Mad Cave Studios


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W. Maxwell Prince, in collaboration with Image Comics, presents the second captivating installment of “Swan Songs,” an anthology series dedicated to exploring the profound nature of endings. The first entry into this anthology delved into the ending of the world. The second installment casts its gaze upon the ending of a once-cherished union.

Written by: W. Maxwell Prince
Art by: Casper Wijngaard
Letters by: Good Old Neon


An emotional and touching journey of two lovers caught in the turmoil of their crumbling happily ever after. The spotlight is on the divorce proceedings, an afterword seldom considered amidst the excitement of marriage vows. Brace yourself as the story navigates through the twists and turns of their shattered bond, moving between unity and separation. However, a surprising twist awaits as an unusual condition emerges from their divorce agreement, forever binding them to an endless cycle of mortal combat.  


In the captivating world of Swan Songs comes the complex story of John and Eileen. Their lives, once closely intertwined, have turned into parallel stories, seen or rather told from their different perspectives. This makes it easy to relate, showing that small differences can change everyday moments based on individual perceptions. A simple disagreement, once dissolved in shared laughter, now stands as a symbol of disagreement, a never-ending argument over who is right and who’s wrong.

The portrayal of their conflicts is absolutely captivating. A stunning mix of genres and timelines known for their fights throughout history. From medieval battles to graceful samurai duels, the visual story highlights the many aspects of the challenges that come with the end of a marriage.

Final Thought:

In this mix of perspectives and portrayals, Swan Songs urges us to think about the invisible threads that weave our relationships and the delicate nature of even the strongest connections. As we follow John and Eileen’s journey, we are taken into a world where memories, views, and conflicts come together like a haunting melody, a tribute to the emotions that make us human.