Swords & Souls RPG Review

Oct 1, 2019


Swords & Souls: Neverseen

Armor Games Studios

SoulGame Studios


I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole of RPGs during my time here, and I have no regrets. From training to defeating enemies, this game at its surface sounds like your typical RPG, but it’s so much better – well, to me at least, and it should be for you as well! I gravitate towards games that look different, with unique art styles and writing, and this one fits the criteria. The art style is one I haven’t seen yet as I traverse through the gaming sphere, and is actually a style I’d expect to see in an Indie comic, let alone a game. The writing is lighthearted, and isn’t all doom and gloom, which I appreciate in battle games. Also, for some reason, the citizens of Soul Town will randomly shout parts of their dialogue – in writing of course. Could you imagine someone suddenly screaming in your headphones while trying to peacefully converse?

Have you seen this:
Blade Runner: 2029 #7

Well, I guess you could…

The music is lighthearted as well, going along with the dialogue and overall atmosphere. There are battle themed pieces, but nothing too “in your face.” The gameplay? Simple controls make me a happy gamer. WASD and mouse. Perfection. When you start, you can create and name your character. I have an awesome hairdo and some Steampunk goggles, cos why not? Also, I want goggles IRL. There’s a central training arena that increases your abilities, and tons of fights. I’m in the midst of helping out a tavern owner who asked for my help against a witch. I’ve died, but I’m consistently training!

I highly recommend this game for both the hardcore gamer, and the casual gamer. Although, I’m sure I’ll be spending my nights playing this and ranking up!

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