SyFy Greenlights ‘Krypton’ series

May 10, 2016

The SyFy network is pushing forward with the recently rumored Krypton television series that will explore the mythos of Superman’s alien home world, two generations before Kal-el through the eyes of his grandfather.  Legendary DC screenwriter: David S. Goyer has been working with SyFy for sometime prepping the series with Sleepy Hollow’s Damian Kindler serving as executive producer, and Colm McCarthy directing.  There is no official word yet on a series premiere date for Krypton.

supergPersonally I think this show is a terrible idea and for multiple reasons.  The first being that coming off of both Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman, the Superman brand isn’t in a great spot right now, let alone in a place where people want to watch a show just about his home planet.  CBS is already struggling with the decision of whether to renew, cancel or move Supergirl to the CW, and Supergirl has a legit fan following as does series star Melissa Benoist coming off of Glee.

You also cannot forget that Warner Bros. and Goyer told their definitive Superman prequel story wellingthrough ten seasons of Smallville.  The show was one of the most popular of the 2000’s because it handled the character of Clark Kent in such a respectful way, and like Tom Welling or not he delivered one of the better Kent performances post Christopher Reeve that we have seen.  So if Goyer and WB have successfully mined the Superman prequel era, why revisit it in the form of a time period most people will not care about because of the absence of the Man of Steel?

I can tell you as a Superman fan I don’t even know nor care who Superman’s grandfather was, so how can you expect general audiences who have no emotional attachment to the planet Krypton or the Superman character to care.  WB probably believes that if Fox’s Gotham can thrive so can Krypton. However the exec’s at burbank need to know their own character as well as fan’s do, if they did they would know that Superman has no where near the worldwide fan following that Batman does at this point in pop culture, especially not one passionate enough that makes audiences care about his grandparents.  Before Warner Bros. explores the history of Krypton, shouldn’t we care about Superman first?

(Source: Deadline)

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