Zagara: Princess Swarming

Zagara: Princess Swarming

Zerg queen, lane destroyer, force of nature. Such is how you describe Zagara, the relentless brood mother of the Zerg host. Her strengths are many, and her weaknesses vital, but she’s a popular Specialist choice for Heroes due to her strong damage and utility, her...
Falstad: Ferocious Flyer

Falstad: Ferocious Flyer

Falstad isn’t given enough credit. As far as ranged assassin’s go, he’s often overlooked for the likes of Raynor, Jaina, Kael’thas, or Valla. This is a shame because his damage scales very well and a good Falstad player can often help his team secure wins especially...
Thrall: A Late but Deady Bloomer

Thrall: A Late but Deady Bloomer

The Late Bloomer When you think about it, Thrall is pretty badass. He is one of the most powerful shamans to ever live and long time leader of the Horde. Few people can withstand a swing of his mighty hammer! In Heroes of the Storm he is an often overlooked Melee...
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