Take Flight! a “Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1” Review

Jun 11, 2015

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Carol Corps!Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1
Marvel Comics 

Writers: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson
Artist: David Lopez

The downside to Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps: event confusion.

The upside to Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps: everything else.

Joined by Kelly Thompson (IDW’s “Jem and the Holograms,” “Storykiller”), longtime Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick leads us on a thrilling new adventure with Colonel Carol Danvers and a team of ace pilots as they patrol the Battleworld realm of Hala Field. With some familiar faces and fun references for Carol Corps members and an intriguing plot for diehard Secret Wars readers, Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps is an event off-shoot title worth checking out.

Thompson and DeConnick transition seamlessly from the current Captain Marvel on-going into this odd new realm featuring five kick-ass ace pilots and (unsurprisingly) their leader, Captain Marvel, Colonel Carol Danvers. The book will feel like a welcome return to fans of the title, and it’s a good jumping on point for Carol Corps newcomers as they wait for Captain Marvel trades.

The overarching mystery of Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps seems to be the origins of Battleworld, but if thatCarol Corps Variant sort of grand metaphysical question isn’t your cup of tea, the cast of the Carol Corps will have you hooked enough to keep reading. This initial issue does an excellent job of balancing introductions of both cast and plot, giving us a sense of who Carol’s lieutenants are as it gives us hints into where the story is headed.

There is no avoiding the sense that you’re missing something on some level with the heavy emphasis on Doom and Hala Field’s place in the universe. Ultimately, that is less to do with the writing here and more to do with the scope of Secret Wars or any universe-wide event. If you do feel like you’re missing something, don’t worry: everyone else probably is too — but keep going! DeConnick and Thompson’s writing is fun and engaging, and with an element of suspense that leaves you itching for issue two. You won’t regret subscribing.